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"Torres del Paine National Park"

20 years of experience informing visitors with lodging in Torres del Paine Tours and- Horseback Riding in Patagonia.
Baguales Experience offers you the best accessories to prepare the best itineraries including accommodation, tours, car rental and specialized activities such as kayaking, horseback riding and sport fishing.
Preparing an itinerary for your visit to Torres del Paine requires good information to be able to select the hotels or which excursion to take from each of the accommodations, since depending on the sector that is located in Torres del Paine, it will be the excursion that you must hire for save money and time for lodging

Lodging Torres del Paine Tours Patagionia 2024-25. This Lodge offers accommodation at the entrance to the Torres del Paine National Park. All rooms at the Vista el Paine offer views of Torres del Paine and have a private bathroom. Vista al Paine is a small rustic refuge. Light and heating are autonomous so they are available until midnight. The heating is firewood.

Guests will also find tourist information and transportation services and excursions throughout the park. A variety of activities are offered in the area, such as horse riding, cycling and fishing.

It is a company of the Astorga Family, a pioneer in this place. In addition to working on horses, cattle and sheep, they opened their doors to tourism visiting Torres del Paine, providing a varied service such as lodging, camping, cabins, all with an incredible view of the Paine massif.
In addition, horseback riding, roasted lamb on a stick, boat trips on the Serrano River and kayaking on Grey Lake can be organized.

The place is everything! From this point you can go to various destinations of interest in the Torres del Paine National Park and without repeating the same path every day.


20 years of experience informing visitors with Lodging in Torres del Paine Tours - Rent a Car - kayak - Horseback Riding in Patagonia 2024-25.

Baguales Experience is part of the Baguales Group Adventure Tourism company, which provides adventure services such as kayaking, horseback riding and sports fishing in Torres del Paine.

We also have an Ecotourism Permit Contract for the development of the Kayak service in PNTP-PNBO granted by CONAF

Full day Torres del Paine + Navigation Glacier Grey
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